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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 3, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we begin with steve. >> let me tell you, a really, really nice weekend ahead. we just need to get that storm on out of here. that is going to happen within the next 12-18 hours or so. in the meantime, looking outside, temperature-wise, no complaints as you head out the door. getting ready for school or work, 73 in fairfax. 72 in gait ursburg. looks like we're going to be facing the rain. tomorrow we'll shaveoff 10-12 degrees with highs in the upper 70's and 80's. >> everything looks nice now. as far as traffic on 66, the dulles toll road. see the redheading south? there is a maynor delay out of springfield. you can see the flashing blue lights there. >> our top story this morning, hurricane earl is starting to
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make its way up the east coast. the storm's wrath is being felt in southeastern virginia. it brought heavy rain and rough surf to the north carolina coast. there are some reports of flooding in the outer barnings. while the storm may not -- banks. while the storm may not be as strong, it packs quite a punch. we're going to check in with adam. he is live in ocean city and it is still pretty calm out there, adam, isn't it? >> you know, greta, it is really not that bad out here. we have sustained winds 10-15 miles per hour and few gusts. let's take a look at the latest. still a category 2 storm. maximum sustained winds at 105 miles per hour. a hurricane watch is still in effect in case this happens to wobble to west just a little
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bit, which is not that likely. situated now 85 miles east of cape hateras. what does that mean for us on the delmarva beaches? wind gusts will increase, especially in the midday and afternoon. rain showers will begin this afternoon. i already see a few drops coming in. we have a band. luck think tide cycle is working in our favor right here. normally you get to the high tide -- actually the tide is going out and the breakers are coming in not even nearing the wall here on the boardwalk. the water is still 25 yards out from the boardwalk. we have chris. i know you went to an emergency preparation meeting today. tell us what's going on and how they are preparing and reacting. >> they talk about nor'easters
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usually affecting ocean city more than a hurricane. there is more than 100,000 people in ocean city. in the the fall when they get the nor'easters there is a lot fewer people there. they have a lot of police out. we're watching officers drive up and down the boardwalk all morning long but there still have been a lot of people checking out earl. >> ocean city police ordered people off the beaches. strong winds begin to batter the maryland coast. >> i don't think it is bad that we're watching it right now but when they say it is going to get bad then we should probably get off the beach. if they say it is bad, it is going to be bad. >> while businesses are hoping earl heeds this request and makes a turn away from land, businesses are closed along the board walk in ocean city. these women went into the water despite warnings of potentially deadly rip currents. >> i've got out in the tide
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before. >> we're watching the waves until they come closer to the wall and then we're going back to the condo. >> i'm just going to stay here until it gets really, really bad and then i'll go inside. >> the town's emergency operation center is open bracing for earl's arrival. >> we want people to use common sense and be safe and the storm will pass and the sun will shine in ocean city tomorrow. >> officials are saying stay inside. stay in your hotel. don't get out when the storm gets here. when the wind really starts blowing they would like everybody to just wait the storm out. that's the latest from ocean city this morning. >> chris, just a quick follow-up question. the folks you have been speaking with, are they telling you they are going to stick it out? it is supposed to be a nice weekend. they are not leaving?
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>> there are two schools of thought. the majority of people are planning to stick it out and enjoy the weekend. we did see some people yesterday packing up and leaving a little bit early. the rentals go saturday to saturday. some people cut their stay short by a day or so. some say they are just going to ride it out. one woman said she was going to watch the storm until it got too nasty and then go to bed and try to sleep through it and then come back outside. >> earl's first stop was the north carolina coast. this storm brought gusts and winds and heavy rains to that area. there are also some reports of power outages and road closures in the outer banks. even though earl is no longer a major hurricane, it can still pose plenty of problems further up the eastern seaboard. >> just to be able to be mindful of what could be happening is very, very critical over the next 18 hours.
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>> take this seriously and be prepared but don't panic. >> massachusetts has declared a state of emergency ahead of earl's arrival and fema is preparing for the storm by stocking up on generators, food, water and other emergency supplies. and for all the latest from hurricane earl, be sure to stay with abc 7 on air and online at >> we turn now to our other big story of the morning. the latest from that standoff in silver spring. we now no know more about the suspect's weapons. we also learned more about the heroic rescue efforts by legal police. pamela is lye with that story. >> good morning. lots of new developments this morning. there have been some new discoveries, new findings that reveal more about lee's sinister plot leading up to wednesday's ordeal. >> we got a man inside with a
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vest strapped on him. some kind of weapon in his hands. >> you're hearing a swat team member over his radio just hours before they moved into the discovery building with deadly force. >> there is a wall between me and him. >> it appeared lee was carrying two guns with him inside the building. turns out they were stolls. at least one device he had was considered potentially deadly. >> we were really, really frightened. >> thursday police searched the home where lee had been living. >> there were four devices. four of those were safely, if you will, rendered and detonated safely. >> the discovery had neighbors on edge. >> it is scary, especially when you have a child and you let the child run around in the backyard. you just never know what is going to happen.
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>> this morning, we're learning more details about lee's past run-ins with the law. back in 2003, he was convicted of smuggling an illegal immigrant into the u.s. when he was living in san diego. in a letter to the judge, lee said i don't know if my life will end with a happy ending but all i ask is for an ending that is not in prison. >> thank you much for that report. still ahead on "good morning washington," could the red skins bring home a win without the first string? we'll have highlights coming up in sports. >> we'll have a live report on holiday travel. >> the best weather could be right here at home.
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>> quiet morning across the metro. 72 degrees. hagers town looking at 74. here it is. this is hurricane earl quickly moving away from the area. that is the good news. a cold front will eventually bring up cooler, dryer air and
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lots of sunshine for the upcoming weekend. the forecast for today, near 90 degrees. tonight will fall into the 60's and the day tomorrow, looking great, near 80 degrees. traffic right after this. >> in virginia, there has been a wreck in both directions southbound, traffic was getting by to the right. you can see that red and the flashing lights in the center of your screen but on interstate 95 in virginia heading northbound leaving fredericksburg, a vehicle blocking the left lane and it is backed up already for one file. >> not good. 5:12 and 76 degrees. facebook and fighting phishers. we'll tell you how. >> so this work actually was a direct response to the
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recommendation from the national transportation safety board in response to the metro crash. five stations will be closed this weekend on the eastern portion of the red line including the tackoma. >> first, wall street and the white house brace for the lat
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>> and at 5: 15, a friday morning, some other news from around the nation, the august employment report will be will be released today and it doesn't look too good. economists expect the jobless rate to increase to 9.6%. that would be the first increase since april. netanyahu and abbas agreed to meet once again the middle of this month. they also agreed to put together a framework for a permanent
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peace deal and it is the second disaster involving an oil rig in the gulf of mexico in less than five months. an oil platform caught fire yesterday but the coast guard says this time there was no leak and nobody was killed. all 13 workers onboard wered after they jumped off the platform. >> we have an early warning now for all of you web line riders this morning. if you're staying home, you may need to find another way to get around. metro is taking on a large project. ben, good morning to you. >> good morning. that's right. this work is work that has been recommended by the national transportation safety board after last years fatal metro crash. five stations will be closed this weekend. tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont.
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they will be closed until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. there will be a shuttle service running. if you want to use that shuttle service it is advised to add 40 minutes to your travel time. alternatives would be western portions of the red line, the montgomery county ride-on bus that connections the eastern and western portions of the red line. they will be replacing 500 feet of track and adding a safety light. one of the largest republican ovations. -- renovations. it is tonight until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. abc 7 news. ok, ben, thanks for that update and the heads up. facebook has a new tool to protect your privacy and more competition for the ipad.
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rob nelson has those stories and more. >> in today's tech bites, the latest computer has made its debut. the samsung galaxy is available in italy. it has a cellular connection. it is expected to come to the u.s. after samsung works out deals with carriers. facebook has a new security feature to let users see who is logging into their account. facebook users have been plagued by "phishing" scams to steal passwords. verizon has a new idea for smart phone users who don't want contracts. prepaid data packages are now available. customers can pay $30 a month for unlimited data on their smart phone. the cheaper plan charges $10 for the first 25 megabytes.
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those are your tech bytes. >> time for a look at traffic. >> let's get out to the beaches first. we start with adam caskey still there for us in ocean city with the latest. looks like the wind is whipping up a little bit. >> we're starting to see some higher gusts. 25-mile-per-hour. not drastic. here come the bigger gusts in now. storm chaser clocking gusts in the upper answer to. this is a typical progression when you have a tropical cyclone approaching major area. starting yesterday, we had the sunshine and then the clouds slowly thickened and got lower if the sky and then the winds increased and the waves got bigger as well. we have seen the typical progression. let's take a look at the radar screen now. we're kind of at the northern extent of that but the heavier rain is approaching the richmond area moving from nor folk inland
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towards richmond. the center of the storm is 85 miles east of cape hateras. still a category 2 hurricane. not much has changed from the 11:00 p.m. update. maximum sustained winds at 105 miles pressure. moving to the northeast at 18 miles per hour. at 2:00 p.m. it should be a little over 100 miles offshore here from ocean city. tropical storm winds extend out 200 miles from the center of this storm. we are anticipating the winds to slowly get stronger. probably in the 35-45-mile-per-hour range. rain will get heavier in the morning. skies should clear later on tonight as the system kicks out of here. a beautiful weekend. not just in ocean city but up
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and down the atlantic. it is going to be beautiful. now back to the local weather, let's go back to steve. how is it going? >> a quiet, quiet morning across the immediate metro area. temperatures in the lower 70's. 72 leesburg. satellite and radar, out in the mountains, you're hard-pressed to figure out what's going on out there. a quiet day for garrett, allegany and washington counties. near 94 this afternoon ahead of the front. behind the front tomorrow, how about 80 degrees for a daytime high and a repeat performance sunday into labor daymond. let's get an update on this morning's rush hour commute. >> two wrecks northbound coming out of fredericks bugg. a vehicle just rolled over in the left lane. the next one is at the marine base. there is an accident on old
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columbia pike in maryland just reported and we'll jump on over quickly to the geico camera. back to you. >> thank you. 76 degrees outside on this friday morning. 5:22 is your time. >> coming up next, who had the play from start to finish coming up in sports. >> later today on "oprah" superstar singer christina aguilera and oprah's best time advice.
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>> marcel on second down. pass caught by austin. breaks free. takes it in for a touchdown. >> marcel and austin hooked up for the red skins only touchdown of the gain. they increased their stock with solid performances but the skins lost to the cardinals final score 20-10. they end their preseason at 2-2. you'll probably be interested to know that while most of the starters were resting albert haynesworth was not. he played from beginning to end. coach shanahan said he is trying
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to get big al in football shape. >> a well-paid football player. >> absolutely. get the most for your money. 5:25 now at 75 degrees. still ahead in our next half-hour, we'll talk about how social media helped spread the news over the standoff in the discovery communications building. >> hurricane earl hits the outer banks and here people are breathing a sigh of relief. >> and hurricane earl is on the move. a look at the upcoming weekend forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> i think it is a serious hurricane. it can get real dangerous in a hurry so why take a chance? >> straight ahead on this friday morning, feeling the effects of earl. watches and warnings are up from north carolina to new england it is a east coast hunkers down for this storm. "good morning washington". it is friday morning september 3. >> we're tracking hurricane earl this morning as it moves ever closer to maryland's coast and we'll have live team coverage in ocean city in just a moment but we begin with a check on weather and traffic a little bit closer. are we going to feel any of this? >> a little breezy outside but overall the impact across the immediate metro area, out to the west, they are going to say what's going on. we are going to look for quieter conditions across our area, especially compared to what's going on across the mid-atlantic and the delmarva peninsula. the rain looks like it is going
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to be not very much, especially for the immediate metro area. if anything at all. temperatures outside will cool for the day. tomorrow the cold front moves through and is one of the reasons earl will quickly exit the region. highs today near 90. partly cloudy skies, a bit breezy. tomorrow in the 60's and then ending with 80 degrees. let's get a look at the rush hour commute. >> we're moving at a good speed at 66, the dulles greenway. no problems to report. two weather conditions on 95 northbound at the marine base. they are both blocking the left side. see the redheading to springfield. >> our top story this morning at 5:30, hurricane earl working its way up the east coast. the storm's wrath, they are
5:31 am
starting to feel that in southwestern virginia as it moves north. earlier it brought winds and rains. reports of floods roads in the outer banks. authorities will be out at day break to check for any major damage. could be a close call for maryland's coast as well. >> we have a check of beach conditions there. what's it looking like, chris? >> i got the wind meter out. similar to what adam is saying, wind anywhere from 10-20 miles per hour. it is starting to pick up. we haven't seen as many people out along the boardwalk pennsylvania there were a lot of people out at 2:00 a.m. waiting to see earl. emergency responders say that might not be the best plan as conditions deteriorate. take a listen. >> the recommendization the storm is going to be here during the day. use common sense.
5:32 am
stay out of the storm. ride the storm out and when the sun shines at the end of the day, come on out and do what you need to do. >> yesterday, rip currents got so severe that lifeguards pulled people out of the water and ended swimming yesterday around 1:00 in the afternoon. they expect the dangerous rip currents to continue long after earl is gone from here. a lot of people whose weekend was going to end anyway saturday went ahead and left last night. they just didn't want to the chance tropical storm conditions. >> it is crazy. it is cutting our vacation short. we have all of these little kids. they are crying. they don't want to leave. >> i want to go home but i may stict out, but i have kids. i don't want to put my kids in that position. now we have watched ocean city police drive up and down the boardwalk behind us here. we have seen them tell people to get off the beach although
5:33 am
officials are saying the beach isn't technically closed, we have watched police ask people to leave the beach. if you can pan down here, you can see there is not a lot of traffic. we got one gentleman out walking here now. the bottom line official i say, the seagates are closed for a reason, limiting access to the beach. the best advice they ever is to just ride this storm out. we're live in ocean city. >> thank you very much for that. we also want to tell you the morning montgomery county's urban search and rescue team will be helping parts of massachusetts deal with hurricane earl. they left late last night, activated by the federal maggot agency. -- management agency. as earl washes north carolina with wind and rain, new york is getting ready for whatever the storm may bring there. tool storm has lost some strength, it is still packing a
5:34 am
punch. we have the latest from atlantic beach, north carolina. this is hurricane earl in north carolina overnight. it is stretching the outer banks as a category 2 storm as people spent days preparing for what was a category 4. officials evacuated 100,000 tourists from the outer banks and closed the roads behind them. >> just to be able to be mindful of what could be happening is very, very critical over the next 18 hours. >> take this seriously and be prepared but don't panic. >> the governor of massachusetts declared a state of emergency thursday. fema set up a staging area bringing in flat-bed trucks loaded with generators and enough supplies to feed 50,000 people through the weekend. >> people are reporting power outages but but clear skies are expected by the end of the day. >> we will go back live to the
5:35 am
beach with adam caskey coming up in just a few minutes. to track the storm at any time log on to our weather webpage at >> and this morning's other big story, that hostage standoff. we are learning more about what happened inside and outside the discovery communication building. we're also learning more about the man at the center and his environmental crusade. >> we have more insight into what was taking place. what the swat team members were thinking and talking about during weensdz standoff. of course they had to make a lot of critical, important split-second decisions on wednesday. one of the big concerns is what would happen if they shot james lee, if those explosives attached to his body would explode.
5:36 am
take a listen to this radio conversation we have from one of the swat team members. >> there is a wall between me and him. i have a visual camera system. >> the swat team member was monitoring lee outside the discovery building just hours before team members moved into the discovery building with deadly force eventually killing lee. it appeared at the time that lee was carrying two guns with him inside that building. stolls. he was carrying pistols. police searched the home where he had been living. they found four explosive devices. neighbors were asked to take their children to a safe location while officers disrupted those device. back to you. >> thanks a lot.
5:37 am
the standoff at the discovery communications may also mark a social media milestone. the news first trickled in on twitter. twitter usage about the storm peaked at about 15,000 people. this was believed to be the most thoroughly covered local story on twitter. people were tweeting from inside the building. it is so fast. >> it is. i think they pinned the first one at 1:13. it happened at 1:00 so it was very, very quick. it is 5:37. still ahead on "good morning washington" on this friday, end of the line. what red line riders need to know about metro's major track work over the holiday weekend. >> we will have the latest from
5:38 am
maryland and the distribute race for mayor. >> but first another check on traffic and weather every 10 >> but first another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes as we
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>> we got her all fixed up and she is feeling better.
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come on down and visit. good morning, washington. >> welcome back on this friday morning. we do have just a few scattered showers across the immediate metro area but it is not going to amount to a whole lot. the heaviest rain across the delmarva peninsula. off to the west, clearing skies and yes, a cold front. a shot of cooler air arrives tomorrow. highs today near 90. tonight we'll fall into the 60's and by tomorrow, wow, how refreshing will this be. near 80 for a daytime high and a repeat performance sunday and monday. >> metro rail on normal traffic in the district very quiet. 95 in and out of baltimore good. 95 in virginia not so pretty. delays begin at the belt way. look at the red southbound. you can kind of see the blue
5:42 am
lights in the center of the screen. northbound we have two wrecks. back to greta and alsunny. -- alison. >> something scary swimming in the potomac river. >> that's right but first a new economic stimulus could be on the way. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪
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>> checking our top stories now at 5:45. this morning, the august unemployment report is expected to be released today and the outlook is bleak. economists believe the jobless rate will increase interest 9.5% to 9.6%. the first increase since april. democrats are expressing reluctantance for taxes to go up even on wealthier americans. some rank and file democrats are
5:46 am
moving away from the plan to let the tax plan expire. no more oil is expected to leak because of this but crews are standing by with collection vessels just in case. it is a prelude to raising that massive piece of equipment that failed to prevent the massive oil spill. >> metro is about to kick off a major safety overhaul along the red line. until the track is finished, thousands could be facing some headaches this holiday weekend. it all starts at what time tonight, ben? >> 10:00 p.m. tonight and end at 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. now this work is recommended di the national transportation safety board after last year's fatal crash. the stations that will be closed this weekend with tacoma, silver string, forest glen, wheaton and
5:47 am
glenmont. there will be a shuttle service. metro is advising you to add 40 minutes to your travel if you use that service. they are also advising passengers if at all possible avoid the eastern portion of the red line. alternatives would be western portions, the metro bus or the montgomery county ride-on bus. the tivepes work that are being done this weekend, first of all, they are replacing more than 500 feet of track, adding safety light in the tunnels and replacing some old tracks and repairing up to 4800 feet of water leaks and adding communication cables to improve cell phone service, a congressional mandate. this is hang this weekend starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight and concluding at 5:00 a.m.
5:48 am
tuesday morning. >> thank you, ben. they got to get it done i guess. >> virginia governor said the computer failure that caused massive problems is unacceptable. the week-old computer glitch has been repaired. the offices will be opened on labor day. >> early voting will get underway today. votes will be able to cast their ballots at several locations in montgomery. polls open from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. until september 9 exept for monday, which is labor day. in the district now, early voting is being expanded beginning tomorrow. four additional voting places will be open. michelle fenty was talking about her husband and his bid for re-election.
5:49 am
>> this notion that he only cares about particular neighborhoods or particular issues is so far from the truth. >> earlier that same day, michelle fenty seemed to be fighting back tears after a debate at the museum, a recent "washington post" poll shows fenty 17.s behind his challenger, vincent gray, among likely voters. >> that primary is september 14. it is time for your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. the big weather story continues to be hurricane earl. now we want to check back in with adam caskey who is live in ocean city. what's the latest there? >> still not that bad. we're seeing a steady wind 10-15-mile-per-hour with higher gusts. our partners at weather bug are out with their vehicles. recently in kill devil hills,
5:50 am
north carolina, they clocked wind gusts at 70-mile-per-hour and they received over five inches of rain so far from hurricane earl. here is a look at the beach here in ocean city. you can see the waves crashing probably about 50 yards off the sea wall. i'm not anticipating it to be splark up over the sea wall necessarily because the tide is actually working in our favor. it is going out now as our conditions slowly deteriorate this morning and into the midday. that is one thing in our favor. we are anticipating the waves to slowly get bigger and probably some 11-foot rollers out here for a brief period of time and then the conditions will improve tonight as the sky clears. this is still a category 2 storm. winds at 105-mile-per-hour. slowly weakening as it accelerates. at about 2:00 p.m. it should be over 100 miles jouf shore.
5:51 am
a high-end category 1 or a low-end category 2. the winds will pick up in the morning and midday. heavier rain showers. we just had little intermittant showers so far but the rain will become steadier and heavier. only two inches of rain anticipated here. not a serious situation here for ocean city. still, we will have some beach erosion to deal with. let's get the latest on the weekend forecast. steve, i got to tell you, wire going to have a wonderful weekend here at the beaches. >> thenologist the mountains today are probably asking themselves what's going on out here? quiet conditions. nothing is going to amount to a whole lot. 78 degrees at reagan international airport. we could be looking at a record today in terms of a record low-high temperature at reagan
5:52 am
airport. our temperatures may drop during the later evening hours tonight. clouds from the mountains to the beaches. you can see the bands of showers across the delmarva peninsula. this cold front here is going to sweep everything on out of here and cooler and dryer air on the way. near 90 degrees today. tomorrow about 10 degrees cooler. let's gets an update on this morning's rush hour commute. >> according to metro rail, there is a power outage at the dupont circle station. if you normally go to that station, red line computers -- commuters, you will find the trains still passing through there. it is going to affect you if you travel at the dupont station. now they are setting up a shuttle bus that is actually in the process right now. you're in the process of going south from the belt way, southbound 9 5, a crash right
5:53 am
here. look at the back-up. that red is normally not there this time of morning. back to alison and greta. >> stay tuned here. it is not a whale of a tale. a fisherman caught a shark. take a look at this, folks. a real live shark in the potomac river. we have these photos of the shark. he caught the eight-foot 300-pound -- i can't believe this. it is a bull shark on tuesday near point lookout state park. >> really? >> yes! comfortable that? bull sharks are unique because they can obviously tolerate fresh water, however they are not usually found in the poment. >> that is scary. -- potomac. >> that is just crazy. >> can you imagine? all of a sudden -- cheese!
5:54 am
>> that's really scary. >> 5:53 now. 76 degrees.
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5:56 am
>> after years of antibiotics -- anticipation, the national zoo zoo now has an elephant exhibit.
5:57 am
there are not many of these asian elephants left and the hope is that locals will do do something about it. the elephant environment is getting a lot of praise. >> it is a lot more natural looking. grass. they are having a good time. they are going to be playing in the pool. there is so much versatility built into the exhibit. there is a transfer hallway that goes out in front of them. >> the zoo is planning to expand this exhibit further. there will be more yards and another pool. the exhibit should be complete by 2013. >> that is great. the old one, i can vaguely remember the old one. it really did need some re-dos. >> they seem to like the pool. 5:57 is the time. there is a lot more to come in the second hour of "good morning washington". >> that's right. coming up, a burger king buyout. we'll tell you about the new home of the whopper. >> live in ocean city, we are
5:58 am
tracking earl, watching the conditions as they continue to deteriorate here. take a look at the surf pounding deteriorate here. take a look at the surf pounding the maryland
5:59 am
>> feeling the effects of hurricane earl, watches and warnings for n.c. up to new


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